Castor Oil for Hair Care

Castor contains many substances useful for the body that not only help to increase immunity, but also to normalize the work of all, without exception, body systems. We suggest considering how to use castor oil for hair at home, as well as photos before and after use.

Masks from castor oil for oily hair

Castor ether differs from others in that it does not oil locks and skin. Moreover, if you use it, then strands do not form a film, or a dirty plaque this is another of its features. Considering the fact that castor oil helps to strengthen and increase the density of dry, fatty, thin and split hair, this indicator is very useful. Strands are restored, but they do not become heavier at the same time.

Choosing from most options, the most simple and affordable hair mask, the application of which is possible every day it’s pure castor oil, applied to the head of hear to strengthen and eliminate the split ends. This is one of the few ethers that can be applied undiluted.

Castor also helps to increase the thickness and thickness of fat curls. We recommend a product that includes ascorbic acid and ylang-ylang oil. It is necessary to take three ascorbic, crush them and mix with 5 drops of ylang and a spoon of castor oil. This is very useful for folds of fatty or combined type, generally without volume.

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