Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is the most widespread aesthetic problem of mankind. Mainly factors and causes of dandruff it is the wrong hair care.

During the use of someone else’s personal tools (combs, shower caps, hair bands), we can easily catch the fungus Pityrosporum ovale. This is a very insidious thing. First, there are absolutely no signs, the harmful organism grows. But already two weeks after infection begins the process of reproduction of the fungus.

Due to its vital activity, a layer forms on the skin, which eventually disintegrates, the skin cells themselves do not suffer, of course, if we omit the fact that the fungus eats up the epidermis of the head. It is the flakes the traces of decay, we see on parting and skin.

How to treat such dandruff? Do not believe the ads, here shampoo will not save, you need to use only special products. You can treat them with a doctor-trichologist or dermatologist.

The causes of dandruff are not always mechanical. Most often, it is because of failures in the work of any system of the body that we suffer. Everyone has heard about the fact that certain microorganisms live with us in symbiosis, and most of the time they are just in a dormant state.

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