Fish Oil for Growth and Strengthening Hair

Everyone knows how useful fats are, saturated with omega-3-acids. We suggest considering how fish oil for hair works, how useful this drug is, and how to do effective masks with it.

The Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish or cod liver oil is often used in medicine to prevent many diseases of the nervous and circulatory system. Doctors prescribe this biological supplement to children in order to saturate the body with polyacids (in particular, omega-3, which is necessary to stimulate the brain and prevent rickets).

Masks for hair from fish oil

It’s often used fish oil for hair growth, especially if you use burdock oil. Mix in equal parts preparations, and then heat on low heat. Having received a sufficiently hot oily liquid, using a cotton swab or a special pipette (often goes along with burdock ether), rub in the hair. They need to be covered with a plastic bag and a towel, and leave for 40 minutes. It is allowed to do it every two days.

Similarly, you can just rub the product into the roots. Harm will not be accurate, especially if you still drink its capsules. In addition, fish oil can be mixed with any other fats, say, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil and even sunflower.

In order to give strength to dry and delicate hair, mix cod liver oil with sea buckthorn oil and honey. All in equal parts necessarily warm, very intensively rub in the roots, after combing and cover the strands with a towel. Hold for 20 minutes, do every three days.

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