Is Cryotherapy Useful for Hair?

Damaged hair only in this case will acquire health, density, and strength when their treatment you will carry out in the complex. Along with masks, massage, intake of vitamins, physiotherapeutic procedures provide effective help against hair loss. Cryotherapy is the so-called hair treatment with nitrogen, which is carried out by the influence of cold on the problem areas. This physiotherapy procedure, affecting the affected areas, helps to get rid of problems with the hair, does not have a toxic or allergic effect on the body.

Liquid nitrogen is used as a cold agent in cryotherapy. As such, liquid nitrogen is a clear liquid, which has neither color nor smell, it is not subject to combustion and does not explode. Cryomassage has a large therapeutic activity, is easy to apply, has an excellent cosmetic effect, prevents loss.

Indications and limitations for local cryotherapy

Now many cosmetic salons offer cryotherapy. This procedure is used to improve the condition of the hair, against its loss and to enhance growth.

Good reviews regarding the effectiveness of cryotherapy for the cure of oily seborrhea, which is quite understandable. Under the influence of nitrogen, the release of fat decreases, as a result, the fat content of the hair decreases, the scalp is slightly dried, and dandruff disappears.

This, of course, affects the condition of the hair, they become smooth, shiny, elastic, their loss disappears. As far as it is necessary for your hair treatment with liquid nitrogen it can only be determined by a doctor.

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