Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

For long and beautiful hair, proper circulation in the scalp is important. This can be achieved only by a set of procedures, among which there is necessarily a head massage for hair growth and against their loss.

The scalp massage for rapid hair growth is simple, like all ingenious. You need exactly 100 times a day (preferably at bedtime), gently scratch your hair. Take care not to pull them. After a while, you can notice that strands fade faster, do not worry, this is normal. This is due to the fact that the hair is completely protected by a small layer of skin fat, which for dry strands is only beneficial.

Apart from simple combing, there are a lot of special exercises and masseurs. Before the procedure begins, warm the skin, for this, you need to gently stroke your hair with your fingertips. The massage technique assumes 5 minutes of such warm-up, after that, we begin to massage the head in circular motions. This is the basis of any successful technique. It is very important to work precisely with the fingertips because in this case, the nerve endings of the fingers are also involved, which has only a positive effect.

It is very desirable that during the procedure in the room there is a relaxing atmosphere. Any self-respecting beauty salon that provides such procedures, equips the spa room in such a way that the client does not even think about the outside world. It can be aromatic oils, candles, flower petals scattered on the floor. All this can be done at home. Turn on the pleasant and quiet music, light the aroma lamp, because we all know about the beneficial effect of essential oils on the human body.

Before starting the procedure, you need to choose a massager. There are many kinds of them, but the selection criteria for all devices are the same. This, of course, natural and durable materials, soft tips, ergonomic design. If the funds permit, you can buy not a hand-held device, but a massage chair. Then it will be possible to arrange relaxation procedures directly at home.

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