Sesame Oil for Hair

In the care of dry and lifeless hairs, sesame oil for hair is not the least important. This remedy contains a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements that are incredibly useful for our appearance. We suggest in our article to consider recipes with sesame extract, as well as its useful properties.

Useful properties and principle of action of sesame seeds

Why is sesame seed particularly popular? Firstly, it attracts its price, in terms of volume/cost ratio it is much more affordable than peach or even more coconut, but it is not inferior in quality. Secondly, it’s just an ideal tool for caring for dry and curly hair, this product smoothes the strands, gives the hairstyle lightness and shine.

Not many people know, but the oil components of these wonder-grains are also used for hair growth. For this procedure, you need to buy burdock oil, sesame oil, and honey. All individually heated to a pleasant warmth (honey to a relative softness or even a liquid), then we connect in equal parts. Apply on roots, keep at least an hour. We use it every other day, if you wish, daily use is not prohibited.

There is another rather exotic plant amla, which, together with sesame seeds, truly works wonders; the strands after the first application become much stronger and shiny, the loss disappears. Just at home, we mix a tablespoon of liquid aml and sesame, warm it and rub it into the scalp with a sponge or cotton swab. Leave for 40 minutes / an hour, rinse with warm water.

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